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PCI DSS Implementation Training Course

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Building on the PCI DSS Foundation Course, this three-day training course has a deeper focus on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and its implementation. The course is aimed at those who are responsible for implementing and managing PCI DSS. Fully updated for the recently released PCI DSS v3.2 standard.

This three-day course, fully updated for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) v3.2, provides a comprehensive introduction to the Standard and delivers practical guidance on all aspects of implementing a PCI DSS compliance program.

The benefits of the PCI DSS Implementation course
  • Learn in-depth about the PCI DSS assessment, test procedures and reporting requirements.
  • Understand the differences between SAQs (self-assessment questionnaires) and their usage.
  • Gain insight into a QSA auditor’s perspective on scoping and reduction, gap analysis, remediation and auditing issues.
  • Take part in interactive sessions that will allow attendees to ask questions relating to their own organisation and cardholder environment.
  • Gain an expert view on how to create a compensating control and what situations maymay not be appropriate for such controls.
  • Understand the effects of new technology on PCI DSS compliance.


What does the PCI DSS Implementation training course cover?

The course will cover:
  • Outline of payment processes
  • PCI DSS Ecosphere
  • Why the PCI DSS?
  • Where does it apply?
  • The six control objectives
  • The 12 requirements
  • Compliance and enforcement
  • Remediation and non-compliance
  • Compliance structures
  • Self-assessmentaudit?
  • Scoping principles of the PCI DSS
  • How to scope for the PCI DSS
  • Scope reduction
  • The 12 Requirements
  • Practical implications of the PCI DSS
  • Documentation and evidence
  • Managing a PCI DSS project
  • How to gain compliance
  • The prioritised approach
  • What is ‘business as usual’?
  • Going beyond the PCI DSS controls

Toelatingseisen: wat heb je nodig?

There are no pre-requisites for sitting this course.


3 days


What’s included in this course?
  • A professional training venue with lunch and refreshments;
  • Full course materials (digital copy provided as a PDF file);
  • The PCI DSS Implementation exam; and
  • A certificate of attendance.


This course prepares attendees for an optional examination on the last day of the training course.

Successful candidates will be awarded the PCI DSS Implementation (PCI IM) qualification by IBITGQ (the International Board for IT Governance Qualifications).

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Amsterdam, Dublin

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