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NT2 - programma 2


Who can follow the NT2-course program 2?

NT2-trainings are intended for people who don't speak Dutch as their native language. The examination will result in a diploma.
The NT2 diploma demonstrates that you control the Dutch language enough to be able to make a good start with a profession or education.
The exam program 2 is meant for people who want to profession a job at a higher level on the labour market. Also the people who want to follow a training at a higher grade should follow this program. You are allowed at this program if you have previously taken a course, which will enable you to follow a course at a higher grade, or to be employed at a higher level.

NT2 program 2 exists out of four sections: reading, listening, writing and speaking. You receive a diploma if you successfully finish your exam in these four sections. You do not necessary need to exam these four sections at the same time. If you decide to exam in 1, 2, or 3 sections and you provide a successful result, you will receive a certificate for each section separately. Four certificates for one program will entitle you to receive a NT2 State Examination Diploma II.

The NT2-course is accessible for everybody who wants to learn the Dutch language.

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Schools / institutions

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School / institution
Assen, Hoogeveen, Emmen, Meppel, Steenwijk, Beilen - Drenthe College
Hardenberg, Hoogeveen, Groningen - Alfa-college
Middelburg, Terneuzen, Goes, Vlissingen, Oosterburg, Tholen - Scalda
Roosendaal - ROC West Brabant - Kellebeek College
Rotterdam - AAC Talenpracticum Zuid

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